15watt (Custom)

Low-level laser therapy is a rather new treatment method for pain relief. It is now being used extensively by chiropractors for the treatment of pain in specific areas of the body. One of the latest products used for this therapy is the 15 Watt Diowave Laser, an innovative product designed to direct a narrow beam of heat to a certain area at or below the skin level. This type of therapy enhances the natural healing processes and has already be shown to be an effective pain relief alternative.

At Lakeside Sports Chiropractic Center and Motorsports Rehab, we use the Diowave laser to treat both acute and chronic conditions. This non-invasive treatment offers results without surgery or medication. To find out more about you can benefit from the Diowave Laser, contact Lakeside Sports Chiropractic Center today.

About Low-Level Laser Therapy

Known as LLLT, this therapy uses infrared and near-infrared monochromatic light. The laser beam is directed at a particular location, and the beam penetrates just below the skin level. The small amount of heat is rather concentrated, and although it does not produce energy in sufficient amounts to cause tissue damage, it does stimulate the circulatory system as well as restore cellular function. This type of therapy does not involve incisions, so the skin is never broken or cut.

This therapy is intended for use on patients experiencing pain due to a neuromusculoskeletal condition caused by aging, past injury, or genetics. The treatment is often conducted in stages, part of an ongoing pain relief program.

The 15 Watt Diowave Laser

Many people think of a laser as a high-powered cutting device, and there are indeed lasers produced that are energized by a high voltage power source. In the medical industry, however, the lower wattage lasers used are similar to those found in lasik surgery equipment. In fact, the 15 Watt Diowave laser is even less powerful than the specialized cauterizing tools used in the treatment of eyesight complications.

The Diowave laser falls into what is known as Class IV monochromatic light products. This equipment comes with a built-in output handle with specially designed diodes that provide an optimum 980nm wavelength. The laser is built into a console that has an easily readable 8-inch monitoring screen.

The Laser Treatment Procedure

The patient is examined to determine the underlying cause of the pain, how localized it is, and whether the pain would increase if specific nerve stimulation occurs. In the case of sports injuries, for example, the damaged tissue will probably heal faster if targeted heat is applied to the muscles themselves. Pain caused by poor circulation can be relieved using a low-level laser beam because the circulatory system itself is stimulated in a positive manner.

In most cases, the procedure is carried out in less than 15 minutes. Most chiropractors will suggest an ongoing heat treatment program using LLLT for those who have experienced long-term pain in a certain, localized area of the body. The procedure itself causes no pain or discomfort from the targeted heat beam. Patients will hardly know the heat is even being applied.

Part of an Overall Chiropractic Treatment Program

Most chiropractors using the 15 Watt Diowave Laser do so as part of a more extensive treatment and recovery program for their patients. Although laser heat treatments can be effective in relieving pain and accelerating the natural healing of tissue, it is just part of a larger rehabilitation or healing process that may include other types of stimulation, exercise, or physical therapy.