Orthotics shoe inserts or orthotic insoles, are devices placed in the shoe in order to improve the foot’s function. They can be bought over the counter or they can be custom-made. The latter has many more benefits, including that it is tailored to your specific foot measurements and needs.

Specifically Made for You
Custom orthotics are designed for the patient and they are based on molds taken of the patient’s feet. That means they are more likely to correct your foot problems. In addition, over-the-counter orthotics are designed for relatively mild problems, while custom orthotics can be tailored to treat more severe and complicated disorders.

Use of the Latest Technology
With the help of foot scans, we can track your progress and change your orthotics to give you the most beneficial results. Our custom-made orthotics work to support the arches within your feet to alleviate stress and pain.

No Guess Work
Some people will buy an over the counter orthotic without even seeing a doctor first. That’s a good way to actually make the problem worse. A custom orthotic is prescribed by our podiatrist or foot specialist who has examined the patient and determined exactly what they need.

Treat All Body Types
Over-the-counter orthotics typically do not treat all body types. Similarly, over the counter orthotics are designed for patients who engage in moderate exercise. Athletes who pursue more intensive regimes are usually better off getting custom orthotics. Those who engage in mild exercise and find themselves in pain from simply walking can also benefit from custom-made orthotics.

Treat More Issues
Most over the counter orthotics can provide arch support and cushion the foot, and that’s about it. Custom-made orthotics can help with heel pain, shin splints, arch pain, knee pain, lower back pain, flat feet, diabetic foot care, and much more!

Custom-Made Orthotics Can Help Health Problems
Over-the-counter orthotics are designed for patients without specific health conditions. Custom orthotics can be designed for patients with conditions like diabetes or circulatory problems, both of which increase the risk of foot ulcers. The right kind of custom orthotics can help alleviate and prevent any further complications.

Contact Us
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