Good Posture Key to Overall Health

Celebrate 'Correct Posture Month' this May Do you spend all day tapping away on a keyboard at the office only to come home and slouch in your recliner for hours while watching TV? In both the home and the workplace, countless posture pitfalls await the unsuspecting. In fact, poor posture can result from simple everyday activities ‐‐ leaning over paperwork or [...]

Driving and Lower Back Pain

Summer means vacations and long-distance drives for many families, but getaways can be ruined when back pain flares up after hours behind the wheel. Vacationers are not the only ones who suffer from low back pain. For many, it's a job hazard. Truck drivers, police officers and cab drivers are just some professions that call for long days and nights sitting behind [...]

What Back Pain Relief Can Do for Me

People who have never lived with persistent back pain don’t understand how the discomfort affects every part of your life. It’s only after you find the right remedy for the pain that you fully understand it yourself. As the treatment for back pain relief begins to take effect, you’ll see your quality of life increase on multiple levels. Here are some examples to [...]

Understanding Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is a type of mechanical spine traction referring to the separation of the discs, joints or bones located in the back. The theory is the separation is capable of decreasing the amount of pressure placed on the nerves located in the back. This improves function and decreases pain. The position of the patient is dependent on which system is being [...]