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We concentrate on being the best in chiropractic care Cornelius NC Service including soft tissue management, Graston technique, cupping, shockwave, class IV deep tissue laser, dry needling, myofascial release, compression boots, spinal decompression, sports injury care, nutrition, motor sports rehab and much more.


Our goal is to make your life as happy and healthy as we possibly can. Whether you have sports injuries, accident injuries, or just a pinched nerve, we are here for you. From newborns to elderly patients, you are in great hands with us.


We are a team of professionals dedicated to optimizing human performance in work, sports and every day life. We are locally owned and offer hands-on care and personalized programs to provide high quality healthcare to our patients. Our doctors are highly credited professionals with a passion for quality care that results in superior outcomes for our patients.

Full-Spectrum Physical Therapy Cornelius NC Patients Love

What distinguishes Lakeside in Cornelius NC Service from other centers is our comprehensive approach to your healthcare through multiple channels of intervention. In essence, our focus is on treating both the acute and chronic symptoms of your condition. While the immediate procedures we provide are often beneficial by themselves, we aim to help set up our clients to achieve prolonged success by focusing on lifestyle changes that can aid in healing.

Despite the body’s extraordinary resilience, simple lifestyle adjustments such as diet and weight management can often assist in significantly mitigating the risk of re-injury and improving mental cognition. As a result, our clinic in Cornelius NC offers affordable nutritional counseling designed to promote long-term health and continued healing. With a focus on well-being and never on vanity, our compassionate yet direct approach is another proactive way to supplement your treatment plan.

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A Certified Provider of Cupping Therapy Cornelius NC Patients Swear By

At Lakeside, we specialize in pairing alternative treatments with extraordinary customer care to provide an overall exemplary experience. Our approach to optimized physical therapy at Cornelius NC involves finding the right procedure (or a mixture of procedures) to treat each client. We go about implementing personalized care by, assessing the client’s current status, examining the circumstances surrounding the pain, and finally deciding which treatment(s) will best yield successful outcomes.

Cupping Cornelius NC has recently gained traction for its effectiveness in easing conditions that cause muscle aches and pains. The benefits of cupping Cornelius NC are widespread and can possibly aid in treating digestion and skin issues while simultaneously aiding the circulatory system. Simple, yet effective, when executed by a professional, cupping can dramatically improve blood flow and alleviate pain symptoms.

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A Holistic Approach to Health and Nutrition Cornelius NC Needs

Finding healthcare that is affordable, effective, and empathetic has become surprisingly difficult. At Lakeside Sports Chiropractic Center & Motorsports Rehab, we believe that customer service is a part of quality healthcare, and therefore, should be a priority in all of our client interactions. Our professionals are trained to deliver the facts in a direct yet compassionate manner, with a solution-based focus that aims to empower the client. We work collaboratively with our patients to establish both short-term and long-term personal goals.

Whether your ultimate goal is to return to the sport you love, or simply, to feel better in your own body, we’re here to support and guide you through each phase of your recovery. Our team approach ensures we do everything in our collective power to deliver a pain-free existence.

We Champion Affordable Shockwave Therapy Cornelius NC

Unfortunately, many potential patients will forgo physical therapy or care because they’re unable to find affordable treatment options. Our team at Lakeside specializes in multiple industry disciplines, for the purposes of providing a wide selection of healing procedures and promoting affordable alternatives. Shockwave Therapy Cornelius NC is known for its excellent cost/effectiveness ratio making it an attractive choice for those needing to seek a solid investment. With no extra cost of anesthesia and drugs, new research suggests shockwave therapy Cornelius NC can have a positive effect on acute pain, without draining your wallet. Shockwave is also non-invasive for clients who prefer to have limited interaction with sensitive parts of the body. For the many clients who regularly experience heightened anxiety at the doctor’s office, shockwave proves an attractive option.

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An Introduction to our Dry Needling Cornelius NC

When most people hear about needles in conjunction with physical pain treatment, they often immediately default to acupuncture. While acupuncture and dry needling share many of the same characteristics (both insert thin needles into the skin toward target tissue points) there are a few differences that exist between the two. Acupuncture is used to treat multiple different symptoms including allergies, headaches, depression, and more. On the contrary, dry needling is typically used to relieve muscular pain specifically. Ergo, if a patient wishes to go the route of needlework, the practitioners atLakeside will help map out the proper plan based on symptoms and desired relief.

Other Services at a Glance- How We Can Help

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Lakeside offers multiple solutions for weight loss Cornelius NC patients can utilize as a part of our service offerings. While most people are aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy weight, it is particularly pertinent for those trying to recover from injuries or minimize pain. Lack of routine physical exercise, and carrying excess weight, can significantly increase one’s potential for injury. As a result, our team at Lakeside can help create an eating plan that’s tailored towards your specific needs and personally curated based on each individual client’s injury and road to recovery. We approach cultivating nutrition plans with a focus on health and wellness versus vanity and appearance, encouraging clients to view food as nourishment and fuel versus through the lens of moral judgment.

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Laser Therapy

Lakeside is proud to offer a 60 watt, Class IV laser therapy Cornelius NC clients are now utilizing for pain relief. It is the same laser technology available that professional sports teams use for injuries such as ACL, MCL tears, shoulder, neck, back, ankle, knee injuries, plantar fasciitis and many more conditions. While laser therapy is still a relatively new treatment method for pain relief, it has recently found its way into the practices of many chiropractic clinics, has already been shown to provide significant pain relief. At Lakeside we also have the assistance of the innovative 15-Watt Diowave Laser, which we endorse as a non-invasive, non-addictive, and safe way to supplementally treat acute and chronic conditions, typically in addition to other procedures.

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Digital X-Rays

As technology continues to advance, so do the options available for X-ray technology. Our technicians and team at Lakeside can now render imaging using digital X-Rays Cornelius NC patients can easily count on for quick and effective recording and storing. The benefits of digital x-rays include high image quality, easier storage and transfer, and the ability to send multiple copies without the worry of corrupting or damaging the image or losing the x-ray film entirely. With digital rendering, toxic chemicals used to manufacture and develop x-ray film are no longer needed.

As always, x-rays are a wonderful diagnostic tool that helps us rule out certain conditions, verify the presence of injury or abnormalities, and properly create the most effective treatment plan based on your condition. Digital x-rays also make it easy for us to transfer and send your results to other doctors you may work with in the future or simultaneously.

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Spinal Decompression

We offer spinal decompression Cornelius NC located services for patients looking to improve and alleviate back pain. Anyone who has ever been affected by back pain knows just how debilitating it can be. At best, back pain can be a moderate disturbance and at worst, it can make getting through the day almost impossible. Back pain that is caused by ruptured or bulging discs, pinched nerves, failed back surgeries, or sciatica may greatly benefit from spinal decompression. For those unfamiliar, spinal decompression both stretches and lengthens the spine, consequently leaving you loose, agile, and pain free. Many patients are rightfully nervous to undergo spine or back-related procedures, given the potential consequences. Moreover, our staff of certified experts prioritize safety above all else and will always act in your best interests.


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