Summer means vacations and long-distance drives for many families, but getaways can be ruined when back pain flares up after hours behind the wheel.

Vacationers are not the only ones who suffer from low back pain. For many, it’s a job hazard.

Truck drivers, police officers and cab drivers are just some professions that call for long days and nights sitting behind the wheel. Those jobs typically rank high among annual lists of the most ”back-breaking” jobs.

At Lakeside Sports Chiropractic Center & Motorsports Rehab in Cornelius near the shores of Lake Norman, Dr. Jennifer Lidstrom and her team can help with lower back pain associated with driving. An expert in rehab who has worked with NASCAR drivers and Olympic athletes, Dr. Lidstrom can help those suffering from lower back pain by offering chiropractic treatment and exercises that reduce pain and discomfort.

Driving can negatively impact the back in a variety of ways – from increased pressure on the spine and discs to the jolts and vibrations that come when driving on less-than-perfect roads and highways.

Some tips for drivers, amateur and professional, who deal with back pain include:

  • When behind the wheel, be sure to have your thighs supported by your car seat as much as possible.
  • Sit closer to pedals to reduce strain on the upper back and neck.
  • Adjust the steering wheel so you can grasp it with bent arms – with hands at the 10 and 2 clock position.

Some other measures drivers can use to reduce back pain include using a lumbar support on your seat. If taking long trips, try to break them up into smaller sections rather than driving straight through.

Also, get off the road and take breaks. Move around and stretch before getting back in your vehicle and continuing your trip.

And if lower back pain persists, contact Dr. Lidstrom at Lakeside Sports to discover treatments that will help protect you from back pain and make driving more comfortable.