Many people live with chronic neck pain and really need to see a chiropractor. Our chiropractor in Cornelius can help you with neck pain, and here we explore some of the other steps you can take alongside your general chiropractic treatment to help prevent it from worsening.

Stay Hydrated

The spine requires water to function properly, and when you are dehydrated, stiffness of the neck is one of the first things that will develop. If you maintain a good level of hydration following your chiropractic treatment, you will be able to prevent the pain from returning and could end neck stiffness.

Consider Your Sitting Positions

The way that you sit and the way that you use a phone can both contribute to the aggravation in your neck. Cradling your phone with your neck or slouching at a desk will both contribute to neck pain. Consider usinBluetoothth or handsfree and be sure to take regular breaks to stretch your neck and back. With better sitting positions, you can achieve better results with your spinal adjustments at our office in Cornelius.


Exercise can help you to increase the strength of your muscles. For example, swimming is oftentimes a good option for preventing neck pain from occurring.

Control Your Diet

Neck stiffness and pain can also be worsened by a diet that is low in magnesium. Controlling your diet to ensure that you are eating enough fruit, veggies, beans and soy products can help you in reducing the pain felt in your neck. You can also take magnesium supplements if this is still not providing you with enough magnesium. With a controlled diet, your chiropractic treatments in Cornelius may be able to take on a greater ongoing effect to end your chronic neck pain once and for all.

To speak to the experts and arrange an initial consultation with a skilled and experienced chiropractor in Cornelius, get in touch with us at Lakeside Sports Chiropractic Center & Motorsports Rehab. Regular chiropractic treatments combined with certain lifestyle changes can help you to overcome your neck pain and stiffness for good. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get started.