Motor sports are competitive events in which people use motorized vehicles. The term is mainly applied to motorcycle and automobile racing. As can be guessed, such competitions can result in injury. Motor sports rehabilitation is, therefore, the branch of physical therapy that concentrates on people injured in motor sports accidents.

What Sorts of Injuries Get Treated?

Our medical professionals work with people who sustain the types of injuries seen in car accidents, such as whiplash. When working with professional racers, the therapists work hard to bring the racer’s physical abilities back to pre-injury levels. That is necessary to enable the racer to compete effectively and safely. For example, if a racer sustains a leg injury that slows their reaction time, that disability, however slight, would make racing dangerous.

Similarly, a therapist will work with an injured racer to restore their eye-hand coordination. Members of a racer’s pit crew often need treatment for foot injuries and other physical problems related to their job.

Some motor sports therapists will work with non-racers who nonetheless spend a lot of time driving, like truck drivers or police officers. These patients often develop chronic problems, like low back pain, caused by their hours behind the wheel.

All-terrain vehicles have grown increasingly popular, and the number of people injured in accidents involving ATVs has skyrocketed. Many such injuries involve the head, spine and extremities.

What Kind of Treatments Are in Motor Sports Rehabilitation?

Chiropractic is a large part of motor sports rehabilitation. Chiropractic is a medical specialty that concentrates on disorders of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. A well-known treatment is spinal manipulation or adjustment, which is intended to restore mobility to stiffened joints.

Chiropractors can also use various other methods to relieve pain. A lot of them stimulate the circulation and thus encourage blood flow to the site of an injury. Increased blood flow can promote and speed healing. Certain treatments can also be done to decrease muscle spasms and reduce inflammation.

What Can the Patient Expect?

Motor sports rehabilitation involves three phases of treatment. The first phase concentrates on relieving pain. The first stage tends to be the most intensive, and the patient may visit the therapist multiple times a week.

The second stage concentrates on restorative or corrective care. By now, the patient feels like they can resume their normal activities – but if they try to do too much too soon, they will only reinjure themselves. Despite their belief to the contrary, the patient has not yet fully recovered from their injury. The therapist will have to help the patient strengthen themselves to avoid a relapse.

The third stage focuses on wellness care. By now, the patient has fully recovered. They now only have to come in for periodic check-ups to avoid future problems. The therapist will advise the patient on ways to maintain their health.

You Don’t Have to Live with Your Injury

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