The Basics of Motor Sports Rehab

The term motor sports usually refers to any competitive event encompassing motorized vehicles. In most cases, this is either automobile or motorcycle racing. This type of competition can lead to an injury. Motor sports rehab is a type of physical therapy created to treat people injured during a motor sports accident. In some cases, individuals injured in a car accident are treated for numerous injuries.

The main focus of the motor sports rehab professional is the treatment of professional racers. Their goal is to help the racers regain the physical abilities they possessed prior to the crash causing the injury. This helps ensure the racer can continue to compete safely and effectively. A good example is a leg injury, which can decrease the reaction of a racer. This disability may be slight, but it could make competing professionally dangerous.

The pit crew working for the racer often require treatment for a variety of job related injuries including foot injuries. There are certain motor sports therapists working with individuals who do not race but spend considerable time driving such as police officers and truck drivers. These individuals are prone to chronic issues including low back pain due to the amount of time they spend driving.

How Does Motor Sports Rehab Work?

A big part of motor sports rehab is chiropractic. This is a medical specialty focusing on disorders concerning the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. One of the most common treatments is an adjustment or a spinal manipulation. The idea is to restore lost mobility to the joints. Chiropractors have a variety of methods for pain relief including stimulating circulation to improve the flow of blood to the injury. Other treatments focus on reducing inflammation and muscle spasms.

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