Some would say living with back pain is not living at all. Chronic back pain is the worst. It is with you when you get out of bed in the morning and it follows you throughout the day. If it is really bad, it robs you of a good night’s sleep before the battle with your pain starts all over again. If you are tired of being ruled by your pain and pain medications that aren’t making your problem go away, consider seeing our chiropractor for spinal adjustments. You could finally receive the relief that you have been hoping to find.

Why Consider Spinal Adjustments?

When you are suffering from back pain, it usually means that something is out of alignment in your back. Your vertebrae line up in a complex system that keeps your body upright, allowing you to have flexibility and mobility. When something isn’t right, such as something as minor as one disc that has slipped in position, it can cause a domino effect.

As the aching begins in your back, you compensate by carrying yourself differently or moving in a different way. This puts strain on the muscles in your back, which causes more pain and stiffness. Inflammation may be part of the problem as well. In order to restore balance to your back, you can pay a visit to our chiropractor.

What Can Our Chiropractor Do for You?

Our specialist’s area of expertise revolves around a deep understanding of the musculoskeletal system. That knowledge is used to pinpoint any areas in your spine that are out of alignment. Once the problem has been determined through the use of techniques such as medical imagery and a physical examination, it will be possible to begin an appropriate course of treatment.

Chiropractic treatment consists of spinal adjustments that target the area of concern in your back. Expect many visits over an extended period of time. Adjustments to the spine do not happen overnight. However, you will notice an improvement with each visit that you make to our doctor. As your spine is shifted into the proper position, the strain will be removed from your muscles. Inflammation may be reduced as well. Spinal adjustments are often combined with other options, including massage, acupuncture and medications that treat inflammation or pain. It is our goal to help you have a better quality of life without the need for medication to make it through the day.

Learn More About Spinal Adjustments Today

Whether you recently had a back injury or have battled with back pain for a long time, it is never too late to call our chiropractor. Come in for a consultation to begin your journey to less pain at Lakeside Sports Chiropractic Center & Motorsports Rehab in Cornelius. Our specialist will discuss your symptoms and examine your back. Once we know where to begin, you can undergo a series of therapeutic spinal adjustments. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment and get started!