Chronic back pain is one of the most prevalent conditions in the modern world. Countless people suffer from it, and almost as many choose to accept their pain as a fact of life. The truth is that you shouldn’t accept pain as something that you have to live with, nor should you have to rely on over-the-counter pain relievers to manage your pain. Treating the symptoms of back problems, which includes treating pain, should always be accompanied by treatment for physiological problems.

This is where combining Diowave laser treatments and spinal decompression becomes advantageous to patients with back problems. It can help reduce pain, encourage the affected tissues to repair themselves and provide relief from further development of back pain.

Treating Tissues at a Cellular Level with Diowave Laser Treatments

Diowave laser treatments are designed to supply a modest amount of energy to cells that may be performing inadequately. This energy triggers the process of repair within the body, which allows these treatments to alleviate some of the causes of pain while helping the body to recover.

The Diowave procedure has been used to alleviate the symptoms of pain in chronic conditions like arthritis, tendonitis and other conditions where there is a certain degree of inflammation present within the affected tissues. Given that chronic injuries in the back tend to involve this inflammation, Diowave can be an essential step in treating them.

Repairing Structural Issues with Spinal Decompression

A common cause of chronic back problems pertains to misalignment of the discs in the spine. This can cause an uneven amount of pressure to be applied to the cushioning tissue between each spinal segment, which can result in pain and loss of function.

Spinal decompression utilizes techniques for realigning these discs. It can effectively treat the reason that back problems develop, allowing the body to have plenty of room to repair itself.

Combining Diowave Treatments with Spinal Decompression

The main advantage of combining these two treatments involves the way they complement one another. Spinal decompression treats the physiological problems that can allow back problems to become worse, and Diowave laser treatments help the body to repair the tissues while alleviating pain.

By combining these two treatments, their effects can be amplified. This provides faster healing and relief from the causes of back pain. The Diowave laser treatment helps to encourage repair within the body.

Another benefit of combining these two treatments pertains to their effectiveness. Where one treatment may be limited with the results it can bring, using both treatments can help to establish long-term relief from the symptoms and causes of back pain in a larger number of patients.

Treat Your Back Problems Today

The one thing you have to understand about back problems is that they seldom improve on their own. You must actively seek treatment to ensure freedom from the long-term symptoms that accompany back problems.

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