The Golfer’s Guide to Overcoming Hip Pain: Insights from TPI

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It’s no secret that engaging in routine exercise is one of the most effective ways to promote physical well-being and maintain sound mental health. And it just so happens that sports are a particularly popular form of exercise because they kill two birds with one stone. Sports allow you to have a good time, while […]

Maximizing Mobility for Golfers: Essential Exercises Inspired by TPI

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Spring is officially in full swing, which means that now is the perfect time to get started on refining your golf game. While there are a multitude of different helpful exercises that you can incorporate into your routine, exercises that are geared towards improving and expanding your spine’s mobility are particularly useful for golfers. With […]

Transform Your Game with TPI-Certified Experts

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Golf may seem like a low-intensity sport to the casual observer but anyone who has played it knows that it often demands high-level physical performance, especially for professionals and avid players. Moreover, golfers are not immune to getting hurt, just like any other kind of athlete. Injuries can vary from mild to severe, so golfers […]

What Activities You Should Avoid After Seeing A Chiropractor?

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Have you recently seen a chiropractor for an adjustment? If so, it’s important that you know what activities to avoid after the adjustment to ensure optimal healing. Generally, it’s best to avoid high-impact or physically strenuous activities for 24-48 hours after a chiropractic adjustment to allow the body to fully adjust and reduce the risk […]