Chiropractic Care for Stress Management in Lake Norman NC

With its beautiful surroundings, numerous historical landmarks, and quaint storefronts, it’s hard to imagine anyone feeling stressed as they go through life on the idyllic banks of Lake Norman, North Carolina. Even so, stress is a normal part of life and something that every single person will likely experience to one degree or another. Furthermore, in recent years many Americans have been subjected to stresses stemming from political unrest, the rising cost of living, and major health crises like the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s no wonder that millions of Americans are experiencing adverse symptoms as a result of our current cultural backdrop. Fortunately, chiropractic intervention has proven to be highly effective in mitigating stress and restoring harmony to the mind and body. 

At Lakeside Sports Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, we focus on healing from the inside out. On its own, chiropractic adjustment is a powerful tool that has brought legions of clients relief and peace of mind. But how exactly does it all work?  In this post, we’ll outline the relationship between mind and body, as we explore how chiropractic adjustment improves quality of life, especially when punctuated by healthy lifestyle choices.

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The Link Between Mind and Body 

Like many other medical professionals Cornelius Chiropractors, at Lakeside Sports Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, believe that the body and mind are intrinsically linked. If you are experiencing pain in your body, it can very likely impact your mental health. In fact, people who struggle with chronic pain are likely to develop difficult mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. On the contrary, those who suffer from depression and anxiety have been known to report physical pain, as these conditions can often manifest, physically, in our bodies. 

There are seemingly infinite ways to approach healing your mind and body. Some of them are riskier than others, and if you’re not careful, some interventions might lead to more serious problems down the road. With that in mind, at Lakeside Sports Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, every day, we help our clients regain holistic homeostasis and alleviate stress by offering a comprehensive catalog of chiropractic treatments and adjustments. By opting for one, or several of our services, clients can safely and effectively treat their stress in a way that promotes healing through the repositioning and recentering of one’s own body.

How Chiropractic Adjustment Works to Improve Your Quality of Life

To understand the bigger picture behind chiropractic adjustment, imagine your body as if it were a car. Cars, no matter how old or new, how luxurious, or affordable, all require routine treatments, maintenance, and other general upkeep to perform at their highest capacity. Cars that are well taken care of tend to have fewer issues. However, even cars that are meticulously cared for can experience problems from time to time. Just like a car, humans are prone to accidents. Some are moderate and others are severe, if not life-threatening. After a major accident, a car can become misaligned, and the same can be said for the human body. Misalignment, whether we’re talking cars or humans, can greatly threaten your overall safety, and cause other parts of your body to overcompensate as a result.

After a major accident, a mechanic might inform you that your car needs to be realigned in order to function properly (and safely!) on the road. The exact same thing can happen to the human body. The longer you walk around in a state of misalignment, the more susceptible you become to long-term pain and potentially exacerbating your injuries. By using targeted force to realign your musculoskeletal system, chiropractic adjustment can effectively reduce pain, improve range of motion, and promote overall well-being.  


The Benefits of Opting for Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a great way to receive treatment that is non-invasive and also non-addictive. In most cases, you’ll likely need to undergo several sessions to reap the full benefits of chiropractic adjustment, but it’s a way to address your pain that doesn’t leave you vulnerable to a lot of potential complications. Moreover, our bodily systems are deeply connected, that’s why simple adjustments made to your spine and other body parts can actually translate into the improvement of other areas of your body like the neck and head. 

Chiropractic care realigns the body, leading to an improved range of motion, which further translates into fewer injuries as you move through life in an active way. It can also help to treat pesky, yet serious injuries that have left you with residual discomfort like headaches or migraines. By reducing tension and pain in the body, other benefits tend to follow like better sleep hygiene, and overall improved mental health. Simply put, when we’re suffering from physical pain, it’s easy for our thoughts to get taken over, spending hours of our day stressing out about how poorly we feel. And a mind that is constantly preoccupied with how the body is feeling, is not a mind that is at ease or allowing for positive thought.


Chiropractic Care and the Bigger Picture

As previously mentioned, chiropractic care can be highly effective on its own. But the key to getting the most out of your adjustments is to try and live healthily in all aspects of life. Regular exercise, a nutritious diet, mental health counseling, and maintaining a healthy weight, are just a few ways to enhance the benefits you receive from your chiropractic adjustments. 

Nevertheless, trying to live a healthier lifestyle can be very challenging, and a lot of people struggle to remain consistent because they become easily overwhelmed or disenchanted when they realize that changing their lifestyle is an ongoing, long-term commitment. That’s why, in addition to our award-winning chiropractic care Lakeside also offers programs to help patients achieve a healthier and happier life. We help our clients stay motivated by offering services like nutrition and weight loss counseling. With an approach that focuses on fostering your individual strengths and discovering areas where you can improve, we help you to stay motivated and accountable on your nutrition and weight loss journey. Thanks to our in-house digital X-ray system we can consistently monitor your progress and pinpoint problem areas., 

A lot of weight loss and nutrition programs focus on vanity above all else. On the contrary, we use a non-judgmental yet direct approach that focuses on health over vanity. Our ultimate goal is to meet you where you are, getting to know you at the individual level so that we can create a treatment plan that is uniquely yours and designed with your specific goals in mind.

At Lakeside Sports Chiropractic and Physical Therapy in Cornelius, NC, Dr. Jennifer Lidstrom and her team of experts is here to help answer all your questions.  Please feel free to contact us today.


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