The recovery process after any serious sports injury can be a long and grueling one. The good news is that individualized and integrated chiropractic care may be able to expedite natural healing. There are some  impressive pain management and functional benefits that can be gained from working with a chiropractor to achieve improved spinal alignment and health after sustaining a sports injury.

Improved Nerve-to-Brain Communication

Jarring impact events of any type can have a significant impact on spinal alignment and overall spinal health. As the central supporting structure of the human body, the spine also serves as an essential information highway along which vital messages are passed between the brain and the nerves. Whenever spinal alignment is disrupted, this communication can be delayed or compromised in other ways.

Areas in which the spine is noticeably misaligned are called subluxations. Chiropractors have found that subluxations and their effects on nerve-to-brain communication often lead to a range of unpleasant health issues and functional problems. Chiropractors can correct spinal subluxations over the course of several office visits by using manual adjustment techniques, chiropractic massage, inversion and other integrated therapies that provide gradual yet consistent benefits.

Alleviate Slipped and Compressed Discs

Manual adjustments, inversion and massage are also capable of alleviating problems like pinched or compressed nerves and slipped discs. Each of these efforts minimizes spinal stress so that displaced discs have the best opportunity to naturally migrate back into their right positions. This can promote relief, increase mobility and allow for a far better range of motion. 

As nerve-to-brain communication is improved or restored, depressed immune systems and problems resulting from chemical imbalances will gradually self-correct. These changes can, in turn, make the body far more effective at healing itself.

Build Stronger Core Muscles for Better Balance and Support

Chiropractic care for a sports injury can also have a preventative component. Many sports injuries are the result of overuse or general misuse of the body. Chiropractors can custom-create strength building plans for their patients that build the entire core muscle system, improve balance and flexibility across the abdomen and spine and create a host of functional changes that reduce the risk of similar future injuries.

Get Fast, Natural Pain Relief That Lasts

There are other key benefits that can be gained by using popular chiropractic techniques after sustaining a sports injury. In addition to expediting the natural healing process, this care can also supply many excellent all-natural forms of pain relief. Various options in chiropractic equipment can be used to instantly reduce pressure and stress on moderate spinal injuries and the surrounding muscle groups.

Ultrasound equipment can be used to instantly reduce inflammation and pain in the targeted area. Best of all, many of the pain management strategies that are used are designed to address structural and functional problems directly at their causes rather than merely alleviating uncomfortable symptoms.

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