Compression of a nerve for an extended period can result in what is also known as a pinched nerve. The compression, or pressure, can be caused by repetitive motion or holding your body in one position for long periods. Nerves that pass through narrow spaces with little protective soft tissue are at greater risk. The compression occurs when the nerve is trapped between bone, ligaments and tendons. When you experience a pinched nerve, your body typically sends a pain signal to your brain. Although some people wait until their symptoms are intolerable, it is better to seek medical advice while your symptoms are relatively mild.

After a thorough examination, our physician will initially recommend a series of conservative, nonsurgical treatment options. How long it takes the pain to subside and which treatment option works best will depend upon the severity and type of symptoms you are experiencing. The goal is to treat the underlying cause of the pinched nerve. During your selected treatment you may need to abstain from activities that may have caused the condition or that may make it worse. Our physician may also instruct you to alternate hot and cold compresses.

Physical therapy may also help with a pinched nerve. Low impact exercise may strengthen and stretch muscles in the affected area to decrease or eliminate pressure on the nerve. Our experienced therapist can also recommend modifications to daily activities to reduce the risk of aggravating the condition.

Here at Lakeside Sports Chiropractic Center & Motorsports Rehab, we also offer massage therapy. In massage therapy, we can pinpoint the muscles or ligaments that are pinching the nerve causing pain and stress. Not only can this help minimize or get rid of the pain, it can also help take the pressure off of other muscles. We also offer spinal decompression if the pinched nerve persists in your neck or back, causing you pain. In this treatment, our practitioner will slowly put pressure on your spine with the goal of relieving your pinched nerve.

If you are suffering from pain associated with a pinched nerve, contact our office at Lakeside Sports Chiropractic Center & Motorsports Rehab in Cornelius for a consultation. We offer a wide range of therapeutic regimens. The earlier you have a diagnosis, the faster you may experience relief through a customized treatment designed to alleviate your symptoms and improve your quality of life!