Custom orthotics – it doesn’t exactly have a chic ring to it. But if you lead an active lifestyle and have abnormal feet like more than two thirds of the United States population, they could well be a welcome addition to your gym wardrobe.

Our feet take the brunt of our daily activities. From pacing about the office to pounding the pavement running, it’s no wonder feet are among the most common body parts to be injured.

Feet provide stability and mobility. They are masters at absorbing shock that would otherwise impact on our hips and knees and they enable us to move across uneven surfaces by maximizing contact with the ground. This is called pronation.

In making these movements, some people overpronate (i.e. roll their foot inward excessively) or underpronate, which is also known as supination and is when the foot rolls outward. In underpronation, the outer edge hits the ground at an increased angle. Because the foot isn’t able to absorb shock as well, your leg is forced to deal with the impact which can lead to injury.

So what can you do to help prevent the problem? Of course you can invest in a good running shoe. But you should also consider custom fit orthotics to help correct the imbalance. Custom orthotics help restore natural foot function by realigning feet and ankle bones to their neutral position. They also help ensure the correct positioning of the bones in the knees and prevent the muscles and ligaments that lead up to the hips and hold the leg bones in place from stretching over time, which can cause aggravation and result in injury.

Using measurements and a 3D image of each of your feet, orthotics can be made that match the contour of your feet precisely and are designed for the way you move. Orthotics work to support your feet and improve their movement so you can maneuver more comfortably and more freely.

It’s extraordinary to think that every step places one and a half times your body weight on each foot, while running places three times that amount. Even if you haven’t yet experienced any pain, if running is a regular part of your lifestyle, consider having your feet assessed your feet so we can advise you on appropriate footwear.

Orthotics can reduce muscular fatigue and help promote more efficient muscle performance, which is one of a number of reasons why more and more active people are opting for custom orthotics. By relieving the additional stress of extra weight off the ligaments in the feet and legs, orthotics can also help increase your endurance, strength and performance ability.

Custom-made orthotics have long been a best-kept secret among athletes and serious runners. They rely on them to keep their feet optimally aligned, allowing their bones, tendons and ligaments to work with maximum efficiency. They are also popular with cyclists as they allow riders to apply more power to the pedal by helping maintain the correct alignments of the lower limbs.

It’s important to remember that orthotics will not correct your foot, only your foot function, just as glasses don’t correct your eyes, only your vision. If you feel pain or discomfort in either foot or your lower limbs, it is likely you have a foot imbalance and need orthotics. Act quickly to avoid injury or long-term damage.

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