If you’re like most people, you are probably surviving from day to day ignoring some sort of persistent pain or ache. While it’s easy to overlook minor discomfort, pain is a pretty big sign that there’s something going on in your body that’s not quite right. Neck stiffness or pain, in particular, can be at best irritating while at worst debilitating. Having neck pain is usually the result of some sort of muscle strain, and the pain itself will typically be worse on one side. Taking pain relievers or stretching is the most common way people deal with the pain, but if it persists it can be a big cause for concern. This is especially true if the neck pain experienced comes with other symptoms.


Whiplash is usually neck pain that’s the result of a car accident. If a car is rear-ended, passengers in the car are at risk of having their necks thrown backwards and forwards in quick succession. This type of trauma can lead to a condition called cervical acceleration/deceleration (CAD), which is something that should be treated by a chiropractor as quickly as possible.


Any neck pain that’s accompanied by stiffness or vomiting is an indicator for a condition called meningitis, which is the inflammation of the spinal cord and brain membranes. Anyone who is experiencing this while not being able to touch their chin to their chest should seek out professional medical help right away. Meningitis is a severe condition.

A herniated disc

Tingling of fingers in conjunction with neck pain can be a sign of a herniated disc.

Solving neck pain issues

A Chiropractor is a skilled medical professional that can help determine the cause and severity of neck symptoms, particularly if they are experienced with secondary symptoms. Solving the mystery behind your neck pain is the first step to preventing it from recurring and getting the patient on the road to recovery. If symptoms involved require a different type of treatment, a chiropractor can refer their patient to the best practitioner for their needs.

After being examined by a chiropractor, it may be determined that chiropractic care is exactly what you need. A chiropractor will help relieve the neck pain, restoring normalcy to the area. Continued treatment optimizes your joints and muscles, which can keep you comfortable and pain-free for the long haul.

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