A spinal adjustment provides several benefits for people who suffer from back or neck pain. Only a licensed chiropractor can perform a proper adjustment to the vertebral column. Before visiting such a health care professional, it’s important for patients to understand some basic anatomy of the spinal column.

Connected directly to the skull, cervical vertebra make up the upper section of the spine. Injuries to one or more cervical bones can result in neck pain. If the cervical discs are compressed, they might directly irritate nerves that branch out throughout the upper body. The compression of the cervical spine and cervical nerves often causes significant limitation on the range of motion of the neck. A chiropractor can properly adjust the upper portion of the spine in order to reduce stiffness and pain in the neck. To alleviate problems with the neck, it might also be necessary for a chiropractor to perform some special maneuvers on the head.

A person who suffers from pain in the middle section of the spine mostly likely has some injuries to the thoracic vertebra. From a lateral (side) point of view, the thoracic portion of the spine has a noticeable curvature that is considered normal. However, the curvature can be exaggerated by certain activities that require frequent bending and leaning. People who experience problems with their thoracic spines often tend to hunch over. A chiropractor can perform an adjustment that can restore the proper curvature of the thoracic section.

The lumbar portion of the vertebral column is directly linked to lower back pain. This section of the spine tends to get compressed when a person lifts heavy weights. A chiropractic adjustment of the lumbar spine is supposed to decompress some of the discs and joints that have been traumatized. A chiropractor usually uses both hands to apply lots of direct pressure to a specific spot in the lumbar vertebra. It might also be necessary to twist and rotate a patient’s torso in order to optimize the effectiveness of a spinal adjustment.

Besides using the hands to perform spinal adjustments, a chiropractor might also utilize small instruments. For example, some chiropractic tools are capable of oscillating at high frequencies. The vibrations from such tools are supposed to loosen up some of the joints in the spinal column. Additionally, the amplitude or intensity of the vibrations can be adjusted in order to target deep muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Spinal adjustments usually provide temporary relief to chronic back or neck pain. A chiropractor will tell patients to maintain proper posture on a daily basis in order to prevent spinal problems in the future. People who have a sedentary lifestyle often suffer from poor posture. For example, working in front of a computer for several hours per day can lead to neck pain. Similarly, individuals who frequently handle heavy packages or lift weights in the gym are vulnerable to trauma to the lumbar vertebra.

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