If you lead an active lifestyle, you are likely familiar with injuries, joint pain, and muscle stiffness. You may think that these come with the territory of being an athlete or an active individual, but they may actually be symptoms of misalignment. If ignored, these symptoms can hamper performance and even lead to serious injuries. Here are some of the most common causes of improper alignment, and reasons it’s worth a visit to a qualified sports chiropractor if you’ve experienced these symptoms.

Sitting All Day Before Heavy Activity

Most people spend a good part of the day sitting, during which time the muscles become tight and stiff. Following this up with a period of moderate to heavy activity results in a shock for the pelvis and spine, which need ample time to warm up in order to stay lubricated and flexible enough to adapt to the motions of athletic activity.

Inadequate Rest and Recovery

After skimping on warm-up and cool-down stretching, the most common mistake athletes make is not allowing for enough recovery time after a workout. The body needs rest from activity to heal and repair itself. If not given this opportunity, the risks of new injuries developing is high in addition to the likelihood of old injuries flaring up or worsening.

Slanted Surfaces and Repetitive Courses

If you run or walk the same course and direction often, this may be a cause of improper alignment in the joints and spine. This can also be made worse if the surface is slanted or the terrain is uneven, such as a beach or mountain trail. Chiropractic intervention, such as correcting uneven muscle use and misalignment, may be necessary to prevent injury in this case.

Poor Posture

Whether you are a marathon runner or just enjoy the occasional walk in the park with your dog, posture plays an essential role in your wellness. Unfortunately, slouching, shoulder stiffness, crossed legs and other subconscious positions can cause an uneven stride when running or walking.

Whether you are looking to prevent future injury, optimize your mobility as an athlete, or you are already experiencing pain associated with improper alignment, our experienced chiropractors at Lakeside Sports Chiropractic Center & Motorsports Rehab in Cornelius can help you stay active longer. Contact us today to book your consultation!