A chiropractor who specializes in sports medicine can help athletes of all ages and skill levels. This type of medical professional is trained to diagnose and treat common injuries that are caused by competitive and recreational sports. Chiropractic experts primarily focus on muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones that might be damaged or irritated from repetitive activities or sudden impacts. Even if an injury occurs in the limbs, the spinal column might still have to be examined and manipulated for a full recovery. As such, it is crucial to visit our sports chiropractic center when an injury does occur.

Spine Problems from Sports

Many athletes who play contact sports often lift heavy weights in order to improve strength and other attributes. Lifting a bulky barbell can exert a tremendous amount of strain and stress on the spine. Bench presses and Olympic presses could be very dangerous for individuals who have relatively slender or average physiques. These types of weight-lifting exercises create a lot of compression on nearly the entire spinal column. Consequently, discs and nerves in the spine also become compressed, irritated and inflamed. A herniated disc is one possible outcome of lifting heavy weights in the gym. In extreme cases, some vertebral bones might actually crack or fracture from barbells that are loaded with hundreds of pounds.

Mild and moderate spine problems could also be caused by repetitive maneuvers in non-contact sports. For instance, a skilled tennis player usually bends and flexes in order to hit good serves, forehands and backhands. Hitting these shots places a lot of torsional and rotational forces rather than compression on the spinal column. However, these forces are usually not strong enough to actually displace vertebral bones and discs. It’s more likely that tennis players will suffer from pulled muscles and tendons in the neck, upper and lower back.

Chiropractic Treatment for Sports Injuries

The chiropractor at our state-of-the-art sports chiropractic center is extremely skilled at manipulating the spinal column to relieve pain and other discomfort. An injury in the neck could be treated with an adjustment of the cervical bones. By adjusting the thoracic and cervical bones, it’s possible to reduce pain in the lower back. Some chiropractic adjustments simply focus on loosening tension that limits the range of motion of the spine and any other adjacent anatomical structures.

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