As with other medical fields, there are specialty areas within chiropractic care. Such specialists as nutritional, neurologic, pediatric and radiologic chiropractors use their expert knowledge to treat specific conditions. Specialists in sports chiropractic diagnose the source pain or discomfort from an injury and create a customized treatment plan based on your athletic needs. There are plenty of reasons to see a sports chiropractor when you’ve injured yourself while playing a sport or engaging in an athletic activity.

What is a Sports Chiropractor?

These chiropractic professionals hold the same training in general chiropractic medicine and can treat injuries gained through your daily activities. However, these chiropractors are experts at diagnosing and treating injuries related to sports activities. They go on for years of additional training after earning their chiropractic degree. They can help you to rehabilitate after you get hurt and advise you on ways to prevent future issues that are specifically related to your sport.

A sports chiropractor is uniquely trained to help patients return to athletics in a manner that is safe and that offers the least chance of re-injury. As with other chiropractors, there is no need to obtain a prescription from your primary care physician to seek sports chiropractic therapy.

How Sports Chiropractic is Different

Sports chiropractors will use many of the same diagnostic measures as other physicians, such as imaging and neurological testing; however, these specialists have particular insight into the structural injuries related to athletic activities. They will use chiropractic manipulation techniques and exercises to treat your injuries. Unlike general chiropractors, they will likely ask you to perform a physical activity, such as walking, jogging or stretching, to observe your current level of functioning and to make recommendations based on these observations.

A sports chiropractor will also work with you to manage your return to sports activities. They can provide insight on future injury prevention and may even be able to enhance your previous levels of biomechanical and neuromuscular functioning. It is important to note that any catastrophic injuries involving broken bones or open wounds should be treated in an emergency room and are not appropriate for immediate chiropractic care. Recovery from such injuries, however, can often be facilitated with the help of a sports chiropractor in conjunction with a primary physician.

Sports Chiropractors and Injury Prevention

A sports chiropractor can actually help you to prevent injuries through specialized pre-screening examinations that can indicate a weakness or a particular issue that could put you at risk for an injury. This screening can be quite beneficial to dedicated or professional athletes. A sports chiropractor can aid in obtaining optimal function and assist you to increase your overall athletic performance.

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