Whether you are recovering from an athletic or exercise injury, working to rehabilitate on-the-job injuries or trying to recover from an auto or other accident, Lakeside Sports Chiropractic Center & Motorsports Rehab has the quality facilities and staff to get you back in shape and good health.


Located in Cornelius on the shores of Lake Norman, Lakeside Sports should be your first stop when rehabilitating an injury. Led by Dr. Jennifer Lidstrom – a chiropractor with experience working with athletes from the U.S. Olympic team and NASCAR – the staff at Lakeside are ready to guide you on the road to recovery and a pain-free life.

At Lakeside, we feature a sports injury and rehab room that is designed with recovery in mind. You’ll feel like a top-flight college or professional athlete as you work with us to rehabilitate your injury and get back in the game or on the job. Returning you to the sport or job you love, in the shortest amount of time possible and in the best physical and mental condition, is what our staff specializes in – and we make it our top priority to return you to health.

Some treatment options are:

  • Electric Stimulation: During this therapy, electrodes are placed on the skin. The electrodes then send light electrical pulses to various areas of the body. The goal is to reduce inflammation, decrease muscle spasms and relieve pain in the back and other areas.
  • Ice and heat treatments: Chiropractors have long used heat and ice therapy to help people with back and other pain. This therapy can be the key to rehabilitating injuries and speeding the recovery process. Ice packs are used to numb injured areas for 10 or 15 minutes, followed by the use of a heating pad, hot wrap and other techniques. The goal of heat treatment is to return proper blood flow to injured areas, which can speed up the healing process.
  • Ultrasound: This process uses sound waves and works as a deep-heat therapy, which targets injured or painful soft tissues and joints. Ultrasound works as a mini-massage on painful areas and is effective in treating back injuries and pain, muscle stiffness and spasms. Ultrasound also bolsters the healing process and promotes better blood flow.
  • Flexion/Distraction Traction: This technique helps alleviate lower back pain. It includes gentle stretching of the lower back area as you rest on a treatment table, producing traction. Flexion/Distraction Traction best helps those with compressed nerves or sciatica. Numerous studies have found this treatment can greatly help in reducing pain and decreasing pressure on discs and nerves.

Some other treatments we offer at Lakeside Sports have long been helping athletes of all types and skill levels recover from injury and return to action.

At Lakeside, we can help you develop stretching and strengthening workout regimens – including core strengthening. Our goal at Lakeside Sports is to restore you to pre-injury status and to try to improve upon your performance, so you can achieve top strength and a sense of confidence. This combination will allow you to return to work and athletics in the best possible condition.

We work to strengthen the injured area – and your whole body – to restore proper function, reduce pain and prevent re-injury.

No one wants to be hurt, no one wants to be out of shape and no one wants to be in pain.

At Lakeside Sports, we can help you recover from injury and return to your job, team or sport you love – healthy, in shape and free from pain.

Our hours make rehabilitation work easy to attend as you fight your way back from injury:

  • Monday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am – 12:30 pm
  • Saturday: Appointment only.

Injuries happen in sports and in life, but they don’t have to change who you are or how you live your life.

If you have been injured working out, playing a team sport or while you are on the job, the first step to getting better is beginning a quality and comprehensive rehabilitation program.

At Lakeside, we’re ready to help you come back from injury as quickly as possible, so you can return what you love.

To learn more about the rehabilitation process and how it can work for you, contact Lakeside Sports Chiropractic Center and Motorsports Rehab today.

Don’t let injury keep you down!