For millions of individuals suffering from an injury, the rehabilitating care received from a chiropractor has changed their lives. Chiropractors specialize in helping their patients recover from injury or trauma to their musculoskeletal system.

Patients experiencing non-traumatic conditions that result in neck pain often turn to chiropractors for rehabilitation. The care chiropractors provide is often done in conjunction with physical therapy or sports therapy.

The Primary Goal of Rehabilitation

From the standpoint of the patient who is experiencing pain because of their injury, their injury seems like a life-ending thing. For this reason, the first step chiropractors take in the rehabilitation process is assuring their patient that the injury is not so serious that a measure of pain relief cannot be provided.

The primary goal of rehabilitation is to minimize pain and to reduce inflammation. Chiropractors do this by using different chiropractic techniques to stimulate recovery and healing from within the body. Additionally, depending on the reason for the pain, chiropractors may use immediate manipulation to relieve stress. Before performing any form of manipulation, the chiropractor will first examine the patient.

The Examination and Rehabilitation Process

Chiropractors will examine the entire kinetic chain when engaging rehabilitation to recover lost function. There is often an aerobic component to the rehabilitation process. A patient who has lost function must be patient as their return to full activity will be gradual. Older patients may have to reduce their activity, change the activities that led to their injury, or engage in some form of cross training to help maintain an active lifestyle after treatment.

An effective rehabilitation program will include:

  • Immediate Pain Control Techniques
  • Suitable Rehabilitation Techniques
  • Gradual Return by the Patient to Normal Activities

In most cases, if these steps are followed, patients will find themselves back in action in a relatively short period.

During the immediate treatment process, a chiropractor will diagnose non-traumatic pain. The diagnosis is easier to make if the pain is localized. Once the chiropractor understands the reason for the pain, they can then explain to the patient how serious the problem is and what steps will be needed in order to regain normal, pain free mobility.

If a chiropractor sees that a patient has normal strength, normal reflexes, and things in their history that would suggest mechanical pain, the chiropractor can put the patient at ease telling them that it is unlikely they have a herniated disc or nerve injuries. In circumstances where a herniated disc is present, aggressive conservative rehabilitative care often removes the need for surgery.

The Stages of Pain Rehabilitation

When an individual has pain in their neck or in their spine, their treatment procedure will follow a three-step process. The first phase is acute. The next step is recovery and correction. Finally, there is maintenance. The acute phase of treatment is designed to minimize pain. During this phase, a chiropractor will encourage patients to discontinue activities that aggravate their symptoms.

Next, a mixture of high velocity manipulation, muscle energy techniques, fascial release, and passive mobilization will be used. Finally, the patient will be allowed to return to their full range of activities without limitations, provided they do self-maintenance.

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For the millions of individuals around the world who are dealing with musculoskeletal pain because of injury, the rehabilitation provided by chiropractors has been lifesaving. It has allowed them to live without pain and return to their normal activities. Contact Lakeside Sports Chiropractic Center today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Jen Lidstrom. She will work with you to determine safest and most effective treatment process to get you back to feeling your best.