A stiff neck alone can be quite discomforting, but you may not realize just how much of an effect it’s having on your overall wellbeing. Your neck sits in an important place on your body, which allows problems there to radiate elsewhere quickly. There are a number of ways your stiff neck may be impacting you without you realizing it.


A stiff neck almost inevitably brings with it more than its fair share of headaches, migraines, scalp sensitivity, and other forms of head pain. It may be obviously connected, such as with tension headaches, or more subtle, as with migraines or other sensitivity.


Even if your neck doesn’t hurt, it can still cause you difficulty getting to sleep. If a stiff neck forces you to sleep in uncomfortable or unfamiliar postures to avoid further problems, that’s going to interfere with your sleep. If your neck is sensitive to movement or painful, it’ll be even worse, as every toss or turn throughout the night will threaten to wake you up.

Sore Shoulders

A tense neck doesn’t just send tension and pain upward to your head; it just as frequently radiates down into your spine and shoulders. This can be something as minor as sensitivity along your back and shoulder blades, or serious tension that leaves you wincing with every movement. Of course, this is a two-way street; often, a sore neck stems from stiff or tense shoulders caused by exercise or work.

Poor Posture

A stiff neck often leads to poor posture as you struggle to avoid disrupting your neck and causing pain. This may not seem like a huge deal immediately, but over time, that poor posture will cause additional tension and discomfort throughout your body, be it due to awkward standing posture or seated posture.

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